The "Big Red Truck"

The "Big Red Truck"

Friday, April 6, 2007

I'm disappointed

My secret pal told me that she sent me something and I didn't get it before we had to leave out again. :-(

We had a load snafu yesterday and so we went home to get the week's mail and take showers and sleep in a bigger than single bed. We even went to the post office this mornin
g to make sure that we got all of the mail that was there. The postal people didn't have it all put up, but the postmistress that was on the counter was kind enough to check and make sure that we didn't have any cuz she knows that we drive a truck and we had told her that we were leaving. Oh well....I'll have to get it next time we go home.

We applied for our own authority today, or at least we filled out the paper work and sent it to the office of OOIDA for processing today. It will take a month or six weeks until we actually have our own MC number and have the ability to haul loads that we choose instead of being subject to the vagaries of the powers that be.

This whole thing is just more than a little scary. While we are leased to someone they are responsible to find our loads and to pay us, whether they get paid or not. When we go out on our own, we have to do the collection and finding the loads and a
ll of the paperwork that that entails.

Anyway, in the linear course of getting to the point that we can do this on our own, we signed up for one of the internet load boards and when our company is slow in coming up with something, I go online and find us a load. The only problem with the internet load boards is that a lot of what ends up on them is the crap that nobody wants. Stuff that moves for $1.11 a mile just don't cut it. We really have to have more than that to keep our heads above water.

On the knitting front, I have turned the heel and finished one of the feet on my Springtime in Paris socks. I really like the pattern and the colorway of the yarn that I am using, I just think that I am using needles that are a little too large and probably should have used US 1's or maybe even horrors US 0's. They look fine, and they fit fine, I just think that the fabric could have been a little firmer and therefore they wo
uld probably wear a little better than I think they aren't going to wear.

We are on our way to Colorado. Have you ever heard of Peetz, Colorado? Me neither, and I grew up in Colorado.
See that little blue box on the map?
Peetz is about in the middle of that little box. It really is out in the middle of, as my Dad would say, "Nowheresville". I guess that they are putting a wind generating farm out there and we are delivering parts of one of the cranes that is going to be setting these things up. This load is a load that I found for us and before the company took its cut, it paid about $2.00 a mile. That's not a bad freight rate.

Going to Colorado seems like it will be a good thing. I talked to my Dad today, and I found out that my granny is very ill. She's 88 or 89 and scrappy as all get out, but Dad said she isn't doing real well. He and his siblings are taking turns sitting with her during the day, so it sounds like maybe we should get there to see her. I guess that when we drop this load, or before, I will get online and see what there is that picks up in Denver and heads south or West and we'll take a detour through the Springs to see her.

I guess that's all the news that I have, at least for now, so I will sign off before I am booted off by losing my connection.

Have a Happy Easter!!!!!! and remember that Christ rose from the Dead on the third day and that is the reason we celebrate.

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Anonymous said...

Don't be sad! It's at the post office right now!