The "Big Red Truck"

The "Big Red Truck"

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Has it been that long

Has it really been since the 21st since I have blogged. Time sometimes really does get away from me and I don't know where it has gone... ;-)

We have been "home" since Wednesday, and it is driving my DH nuts. We have needed to clean out the inside of the truck some for a while because when you have three people and a dog living on a truck, it gets crowded in a hurry. When you add all of the "stuff" i.e. school books, reading materials, knitting paraphernalia, and the clothing that we all need, we just don't have all that much room. We then add all of the things that we "think" we might need and it just gets out of control. Add to the fact that winter clothes and hats and boots and socks and scarves and mittens and gloves all take up way more room than warm weather stuff, and we just were overburdened. We have spent the last couple of days doing some sifting and refining and have taken a lot of things off the truck, but DH is DRIVING ME NUTS!!!!!!!!! I guess that Husbands are supposed to do that to wives. Isn't it what keeps us knowing that we are alive?

One of the things entailed in cleaning out the truck was getting my little yarn stash under control. When I started to organize it, I realized that my small yarn stash was not so small. It had outgrown the two boxes that I had to contain it (it might has something to do with listening to Lime n Violette and all of their yarn pRon) so I had to decide what could be left at home and what I NEEDED on the truck. DH made the observation that perhaps I am collecting yarn. Not just any yarn, mind you, but sock yarn. Really really nice sock yarn, at that. So, I had to box up about half of it and leave it in the container in a hooo, waaaahhh. But he's happy that what I have on the truck is contained in one tub, that can be pushed under the bed, and it isn't at our feet any longer. It makes for a roomier look to the truck, whether that is reality or not.

I also got to play with my new ball winder. My sister makes a wonderful yarn swift. She is able to hold the right tension and keeps the yarn coming off the skeins just right. DS loses interest too quickly. He really wants to help until he realizes that it is a major undertaking and it is cutting into his computer game time. DH makes a passable yarn swift, although he tends to keep his hands at the wrong angle and then the yarn doesn't flow as smoothly as it should. After an hour or so of winding yarn into balls, he saw the real need for a real swift and so will build me one at his first opportunity. YAY!

Anyway, I have been working on the Six socks KAL socks, and darn-it, I won't have them done today. I am such a bad KAL person. Although, I did only have part of March to do maybe I "ain't so bad". Yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I was assigned my swap partner for the Secret Pal #10 and then my computer promptly ate the emails that I had gotten from the SP hostess along with all the information about the swap and I was going nuts. I didn't want my spoilee to think that I was a flake and not contacting her and all of that, but I didn't have her contact info. Then I find out that the hostess has had her computer go belly up with the hard drive fried and I'm thinking that we are deep trouble. But I should have don't get to be a Secret Pal hostess without being way more organized than I am. She had the forethought to print out the list of all of the swap partners she had partnered up and she was able to give me the contact info so that I wouldn't look so bad and could actually not flake out on the swap....Thank you Heatherly!!!!

I have been glancing through some of the blogs that I like to read, and I am sooo jealous of all of the people that got to got to NYC and REPRESENT. We were so close, but so far and I couldn't make it. We were on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, which would have entailed driving straight up US 13 through DE and NJ and then I could have taken the train and all, but it wasn't in the cards. I will have to keep track of where else she is going to be and then maybe I can do one. I would so love to see her and see the things that everyone was talking about.

I guess I should get off of here and go help the DH drive me just a little more nuts than I am, but it's better to be a little nuts than in the dog house. LOL

Have a good one.

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