The "Big Red Truck"

The "Big Red Truck"

Sunday, April 8, 2007

April Snow

Yesterday, April 6th, this is what we woke up to:
Great big fat snow's April for goodness sake. I guess this is Global warming in all its glory! LOL

The really weird thing about this snow was that 10 minutes later, this is what the view out our windshield was:

This whole thing was repeated about 3 times in the time that we got up, got dressed and walked over to Waffle house to have breakfast. The sky would be blue with not a cloud in it and then 10-15 minutes later another snow squall would blow in and the process would be repeated. It was pretty, but made for some slick walking and driving.

Here is some snow on the fender of our truck:

After we left the truck stop I spent most of the day working on my knitting. I finally finished a dishcloth of the man in the moon that I had been working on and started the one from the 2007 March Mid-month KAL. I know, I know, I'm running a bit behind on the dishcloth KAL. But, like the Yarn Harlot says....there are no knitting police and I can do things in MY own good time.

I sent my secret pal a surprise the other day, and it seemed to go over well. That's good, you know, as I don't want to send things that are crappy. I'm just hoping that I am reading her answers to her questions correctly and purchasing the things that she likes. It's really kind of fun because we have a lot of the same likes and dislikes, so it's kind of like hunting up things that I would like.

Today the weather in Iowa is absolutely visually beautiful. The temperature when you go outside is kind of brutal, but visually it "looks" like a spring day. We stopped in a rest area yesterday that had a bunch of spring flowers out that were looking just pitiful. The temps had fallen so low that they were "frosted" and kind of just curled in on themselves. I felt bad cuz they were so wilted. Not that there was anything I could do, but you know...

Again, I want to wish everyone a "Happy Easter".


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