The "Big Red Truck"

The "Big Red Truck"

Monday, January 29, 2007

We have left the cold states of Minnesota and South Dakota and are now on our way across Montana. We need to be in Spokane, WA tomorrow morning sometime, so I guess we will (or at least the DH) will be getting up at 0'dark thirty to finish the last couple hundred miles. I will get to sleep for a bit of time and then get up with him.

I finally started a pair of socks on dpn's, cuff down. Once I got the hang of the dpn's it isn't so bad. I only have one size, size 1, so that is what I am going to have to use for now. I do have two #3 circ's that I may try to use for knitting on two circ's toe up, after I finish the pair I am doing now.

I found a book that I want to order soooooo bad, called Crazy Toes and Heel that sounds like it makes knitting toe up on two circ's really easy....I need easy, don'tcha know.

I picked up my ds' scarf, otn, and worked on it a bit after I was working on the socks. It was like using jute rope on telephone poles after using the sock yarn on size 1's. I'm only using #6's with worsted weight, but it stil was a little strange.

I changed the pattern on the scarf that I'm knitting for ds. It needed a little something, so the area that I was doing the ribs in got changed to more cables. It actually looks really cool because it looks like the strands of the ribs start crossing. It is an exercise in making something from my own mind and enjoying the process. Besides the ds want's a scarf mom knitted.

Pictures are coming, I promise. I am going to do something about that when we start and see if I can't upload them either tonight or when we are going across Washington tomorrow.

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