The "Big Red Truck"

The "Big Red Truck"

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

On our way back East

We were in Tacoma, Washington yesterday afternoon when we were making our delivery near the Port of Tacoma. We turned back south and were blown away with the view of Mt. Ranier. We have been in the Northwest several times and I have taken pictures of Mt. Ranier, but I have never seen it so clearly and seen it look so beautiful. I sent the dh out to take a picture and durn if the camera wouldn't work. We have to get a new digital camera. I just need to do the research and figure out what I can get with the highest pixels for the amount of money dh said I can spend. I would really like, no make that love, to have a digital SLR, but that is out of the budget that dh set. Bummer!!

With no digital camera, that means that I can't take pictures of the things that I want to take to post on here. That really bums me out. My ds has a little digital that I may try to use, but the pictures are so bad from it as it is one of those $20 instamatic style, webcam style digital camera's.

I have been knitting on the socks that I started, but it is slow going because of the size of the yarn and the needles. I frogged all of the ds's scarf because it was looking so bad. I was trying to get fancy and do some cables that ended up just not working out. I am now doing a combination of seed stitch and stockinette stitch that looks really nice. It is so much more even and just looks a whole lot better for the yarn that I am using.

I am really becoming a yarn snob. I was looking at the sale that JoAnn's is having now and there was very little in the way of yarn that I would buy because of the fiber content. Some of that feeling of wanting to use natural fibers comes from the years of doing Civil War re-enacting and living history. One of the precepts of doing these things well is that you have to use patterns, fibers and fabrics that were readily available or could be and were easily produced during the time period. After trying to do everthing authentically and period correct for so long, it is hard to not want to use the same fibers now. That's bad, isn't it.

I like the way the ribbing is going on my socks, even if it is slow. At least I will be able to say that I took my time and tried to do them right. I also can't work on them very well when we are driving because the bumps in the road make me drop stitches, miss the stitch I'm trying to hit, and I really have a hard time seeing the place that the needles are supposed to go into the stitches. These are best worked on when we stop. I do three or four rows before we go to bed and sometimes when I am waiting for dh to do his daily paperwork.

We are going to get our truck fixed, yet again. DH got a DOT inspection the other day and they found two little things wrong and we have to get them fixed and signed off on within 15 days. It's not really a big deal, and dh could do the work, but it has to be signed off on by a mechanic. The never ending life of working in the trucking industry.

I will get to knit while we are waiting for the truck to be fixed, which is the upside of all of this. We won't be moving so I can work on my socks....yay.

You all have a good day.

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