The "Big Red Truck"

The "Big Red Truck"

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Superbowl Sunday

Today is the superbowl and I don't even care....I know boo hiss. But I have never been "into" football and don't have the want to to find somewhere to watch the game, although it seems like every truckstop in the country seems to have it playing.

Well, I frogged the cuff down socks on dpn's because I was getting nowhere fast. Those size 1 needles are awfully small. I found that I had 2 circ's that are size 3 and started with some merino wool that I had. These ones are toe up and I like this so much better. I guess I'm kind of an instant gratification kind of girl and I can actually see the toes on these and it makes me feel like I am getting somewhere.....yay!!!

I have finished the first three days of the monthly dishcloth mid-month KAL and I really like it. I'm doing it in Sugar and Creme, plain old red. Kind of appropriate for the theme.

It is soooooo bitter cold. The poor dog, she gets so cold when we stop and take her out. We have a coat for her and everything, but her poor little tootsies freeze. This picture of her was taken during the summer, but she looks the same, except now she wears a coat most of the time. My dh is asking why on earth I would want to post a picture of the dog on my blog...I think it kind of adds a little interest and besides that, I like our dog.

I'm still working on the scarf for the ds. He is a little impatient, especially with the cold weather that we are stuck in, but he's just going to have to wait. It will come, all in good time.

My poor mother...a couple of weeks ago I helped her spec out a new computer. The one she had had been mine 6 years ago, and I had had it for a couple of years before I gave it to her and it was on it's last legs. When we spec'ced it out we put Microsoft word on it. When it got ordered, it didn't have it. So now she is emailing me and asking where word is. I found a place for her to buy and now all is right with the world.

I swear I spend as much, if not more, time reading about knitting as I do knitting. I have to read the email digests from the various yahoo groups that I belong to. That inevitably leads to reading blogs from other people and looking at patterns, cuz you know that there are always going to be good links for things to look at. Then there is all of the other things that I need to do on the computer and keeping up with the blog and the homeschooling and the....and the...LOL

I guess I should get back to doing some of the other things that I need to do, like knitting socks, or dischcloths or a scarf.

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Scarlett said...

Tell your DH that knitters like pictures, particularily knitting and animals, it is a girl thing, I guess.