The "Big Red Truck"

The "Big Red Truck"

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Out of California

and headed to Ohio. We finally got the permit that we needed at about 10:30 Monday morning and the two pilot cars that we needed for the narrow, twisty roads that we were detoured onto. Now to kind of explain why we needed pilot cars, I will show you what the load we were carrying looked like from the front. Our trailer is 8'6" wide and the load we were carrying was
14 feet wide. Hubby was having to look around almost 3 feet that was hanging off either side of the trailer. Here's what the same thing looks like from the rear.
.. If you make it larger, you will be able to see just how much is hanging off of either side. Any way, it was a nice weekend in Redding. Not quite what I had hoped for, but we just kind of hung out and did laundry and DH got the tires, all 10 of them, rotated. Then, because we weren't hooked to the trailer, he took me to the grocery store and I was able to mail my sister her socks...Hope she likes them.

On the
way through Oregon, we stopped in Canyonville at the Seven Feathers Casino and Travel Plaza. If you are ever traveling I-5 and are looking for a good reasonably priced restaurant, stop at exit 99 and go to the one in the travel center. Any who, the morning that we were supposed to get up and leave really early, DH got up and took some pictures of the sunrise. Now usually, you get sunset pictures on my blog, but these were too good to pass up showing to you. Aren't the colors just beautiful. I didn't actually get to see this sunrise as my darling husband decided that I really didn't need to get up at 0'dark thirty. After looking at his permits for Oregon, he also decided that maybe 0'dark thirty was a little bit early for him and the morning curfews in the Oregon towns and he went back to sleep for another hour or so, but he was thinking of my blog and took these loverly pictures, wasn't that sweet of him?

As we were making our way up California 89
the other day, we were able to see a view of Mount Shasta that we don't usually get to see. We were also able to see the first snow of the season, at least for us. I love seeing Mount's a beautiful mountain that just kind of pops up out of nowhere and signals that we are in Northern California. The picture on the left is the mountain seen from the side. You don't usually see pictures of it where you can see both peaks. I thought it was kind of a cool picture and wanted to share it with you.

We delivered in Seattle on Wednesday and promptly picked up the load we are on now heading for Ohio. We usually run out I-90 out of Seattle and go through Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Minnesota, and then to head south Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and then on to the delivery in Ohio. I have show several pictures of the route that we are taking in my blog at various times. If you look at the archives
for the end of July or maybe the first week in August, I showed some pictures of a forest fire that was burning on the side of the road in Montana. When we went through it on Thursday, I was able to take some pictures of the devastation that the fire did and to show just how close to some trailer homes that it came. I don't know if anyone is living there anymore, but it came awfully close to them. I tried to take pictures of the same things that I had photographed when it was burning, but going east instead of west kind of threw me off and I missed the mountainside that the helicopter dropped his bucket of water on and then I got the place where the fire crews were, but only as a blur on the side of the building.

We did see some absolutely lovely fall colors on the roadside in Montana, but something that we both noted was that most of the colors are some form of yellow with very few reds or oranges and when you do see those colors they are transplants and usually in landscaping. That picture is blurry on the side because it was taken out the window of the truck as we passed. It's not the best picture of color that I took, but for some reason, the ones that I fixed and cropped and showed what I wanted, didn't get uploaded. Crud!!!

I have been trolling ravelry and reading the group post for the SP11 post. I'm starting to feel guilty that I haven't sent more to my SP. I am gathering up some stuff, and actually have a box with some yarn that I hope she is going to really love, but I have only had something sent to her. I hope she isn't feeling neglected and I need to get some more stuff for her box and send it to her, although....if things got done in the workshop, there should be a handmade wooden item that will go wonderfully with something she just broke down and bought. It will make her knitting life much easier, and not only that, but it was hand made just for her when I put an order in with my Dad. It should be similar to mine, but yet different. That reminds me...I need to check on Dad and make sure with the visit from his oldest grandson this week, that it got done.

On the knitting front, I have been working on a pair of Cookie A's Monkey socks in Duets sock yarn in the colorway "Hot Flash". I love this yarn and the colors are ones that you wouldn't think would go together, but they are great. They are hot pink, chocolate brown and pumpkin orange. I'm going to have to take a picture of them in really good light so that you can see the differences in the colors. I haven't actually taken pictures of them yet, but I will and will post the in progress the next time I post. I'm having trouble with the last repeat that I am doing for the second leg. I keep ending up one stitch short, and I know that I started the round with enough stitches, so I am going to frog this last repeat and do it again. That's what you get for trying to do some knitting while fighting a migraine. I finally took out DS's scarf and pulled it out of UFO status and back into WIP status. It's mostly garter stitc with about 20 rows on either end that are patterned. Now if I can make sure that both ends look the same since it is something that I just made up as I went along. He's excited and it will be another FO that I can cross of the list of projects on Ravelry.

I think I am going to go read some more of the group posts on Ravelry and then put the lap top to bed. Hopefully I will post again really soon.


Amanda said...

I always love reading about all your travels! Your pictures from this trip are just beautiful.

Kathy said...

Beautiful! I love the pictures of Mt Shasta, brings to mind my trip. Hope you are staying warm and dry on your travels. Looks like fall has finally decide to hit the east coast, and I saw there is lots of rain in the midwest, so safe travels.

Mia said...

At least you are seeing fall colors. The colors around here are lacking because of the lack of water.