The "Big Red Truck"

The "Big Red Truck"

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Can you guess...

where we're going to? Where have we been spending a lot of time lately? Where are the roads, or at least most of them, incredibly straight and the hillsides, in spring, are covered with blue bonnets? You guessed it...TEXAS! We are on our way to Laredo, TX with a load out of the Seattle area. This is a decent run to get out of the Seattle where freight rates are horrible, like as in you can't make a living wage running freight out of the Northwest, but it's going to Laredo.

Now normally that wouldn't be a big deal. This week it is a big deal because of what is happening next weekend. My Dh's middle son is getting married.
He is the first of the boys to get married, or to even have a real live long-term significant other. It promises to be a nice wedding, I guess. It's kind of a strain as the DH's ex will be there of course, and she is not a pleasant person. My hubby would say that I am borrowing trouble, but I just think I am getting prepared. The big problem is that we are supposed to deliver this load in Laredo, TX on Monday morning. If we get a load going to the house, that means that we have to drive 1765 miles to get to the house and get the rental car and drive to Virginia Beach for Friday evening. According to Microsoft Streets and Trips (a great program), that is 3 days, 5 hours and 52 minutes of driving. That is going to be really tough to again, I may be borrowing trouble, but I think we are screwed. We'll see.

The only other alternative is to try and get to Laredo before the business closes on Friday and then pick something up on the yard heading home. That would give us a lot more breathing room, and may be something we can do. Again, we'll see. Or I could go online and find us a load that we could get our company to book and then we would be covered. There sure are a lot of ifs in those plans, aren't there? LOL

In the vein of getting ready to go to the wedding, when we were sitting in Tacoma on Monday, I went and got my summer "streaks" and got my hair reshaped. I haven't had a hair cut since last November, and haven't had "streaks" since last July. I was getting pretty raggedy looking. One of my problems is that because we aren't in any one place for any amount of time, I don't have a regular hairdresser. I used to when we were picking up in California all the time, but we changed companies and haven't been back to that place in over two years. She was good too...knew just how I liked my hair and was very good at giving me a cut that flattered my face and made me happy. I have been several other places and just haven't found anyone that pleased me like that. I think I did on Monday. There is a tiny truckstop on WA 99 that has a strip mall next to it. In that strip mall is a beauty shop and in that shop is Dianne. I told her that I wanted to have some highlights and she actually asked what color I wanted and then we talked about the shades and compared them to my natural color and she did a wonderful job. It was exactly what I wanted and then she cut my hair exactly like I wanted it which was a combination of two pictures and then to top it all off, she thinned my extremely thick hair so that it is definitely cooler for summer.

I haven't been knitting very much the last couple of days. We went to the grocery store yesterday and while shopping, I did something to my back/hip and it hurts badly. If I lay down on the bed or sit with the mini masseuse running on the sore spot, I am ok. Climbing in and out of the truck is a little tough, but I will work through it and be okay. Just a matter of time and good pain killers for a couple of days.

Tomorrow we are going to be going down through the back roads of Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. We will be going through some of the National parks in the four corners area, or around the outskirts of them and I will, hopefully, be able to get some phenomenal blog fodder. There are some beautiful canyons and arches and scenery down there that, if I can get some decent photos of, I would like to share.

Until I can get back online...hopefully in Albuquerque.


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Anonymous said...

Hey, does that mini massager thingy work? I think I might need one for the shoulders :-)
Are there any other scents you like besides lavender?