The "Big Red Truck"

The "Big Red Truck"

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Another Trip through Texas

Do you know how big a state Texas is???? See how straight that road is? That is the kind of road we have been traveling for three days and most of that time was in the state of Texas. We made a pick up in Wyoming and took it to Louisiana and about 600 miles of that trip was in Texas. Then we picked up in Louisiana and went to San Antonio area. That was another 500 miles in the state of Texas. Then we went to Laredo and picked up a load going to slOhio. (Yes the sl is supposed to be in front of the Ohio, because that is what truckers call Ohio when they aren't being crude. Trucks have to travel at 55 mph, which is a hazard for the trucks and the cars because of the difference in the split speeds. Cars get to travel at 70 mph and it is sometimes kind of hard to judge the difference in your speed and the truck ahead of you when they have to go so much slower and you come up on them really fast at 15 mph difference in speed.)

All of the travel in Texas showed us a different part of the state than we have been in most of the time. We got to see the eastern border, as we came out of Louisiana and that part of the country is beautiful. All green and lush and not at all like the mental picture that you get when you, or at least I, get when you/I think of Texas.

This is a really good time to travel in Texas because it is green and hasn't had a chance to dry out. Most of western Texas is farm/ranch land and during the summer, the parts that aren't irrigated are dry and dusty and windy. Right now they are just windy. Here are some pics to show you some of the beauty that is North and West Texas....
Don't you just love the blue bonnets. There are carpets and carpets of these along side the road and in fields and they are just gorgeous. They make you glad that spring is here.

Let's see....knitting....I am still working on dishcloths, my springtime in paris socks, although I have gotten both of the heels turned and it's just a matter of knitting the legs and cuffs as far up as I want them to be, which won't be far. I love the pattern, I hate the yarn I am using. I love the colorway of the yarn, and I will probably like the socks when they are done. I just don't like the yarn right now because it is very splitty and I am using the wrong size needles, but they were what I had when I started and I got gauge, but it is not working out to be a really nice fabric that will wear well. Oh well, I won't buy anymore of it again....(although I think I have two skeins in different colorway. Sounds like swap fodder to me.)

I also am getting ready to start on some socks for DS. I am part of the six sock kal and I think that I will do the Horcrux socks for him. His feet have gotten so big that he can actually wear with comfort all of my store bought wool socks. Besides that, I have some really nice knit picks essential tweed that will work up nicely for that.

I was going to post some pictures of the dishcloths that I finished, but when we went to visit my granny last week, I showed them to my mother and she snagged them. They were really nice. They were knitted on US7 needles in the basket weave pattern that was the mid march dishcloth KAL. One was done in a really springy Lime green, yellow and white which I liked so much I bought another ball of it. The other was done in maroon, blue and white. The both turned out lovely and I guess that my Mom really liked them, but I just wished that I had gotten pics of them first. LOL

I am knitting a DW cloth this week in Peaches and Cream in the peppermint colorway. I like this cloth. It's not as fast for me as the basket weave, but I do like the way it works in variegated yarns.

I posted last week that my DH took a detour on the trip to Louisiana so that I could go and visit my granny, who was extremely ill. We got the call yesterday morning(afternoon) that we had lost her. I am a little sad, but she is no longer hurting and has gone to heaven. She had gotten so that she wouldn't eat, couldn't breathe very well and her white blood count was very high, for no reason that the doctors where she lived could find. She was supposed to go to a hematologist and an oncologist yesterday, but that didn't happen. There was some thought that she had developed some kind of leukemia or some other blood disorder or cancer. I personally think that she was ready to go. She was so uncomfortable and absolutely hated the fact that she couldn't feed herself or get out of be and was dependent on everyone around her for every little thing. But, it was funny, when we went to visit her, even as sick as she was, she was still worried about how her hair looked, because she had company, you know.

We won't be going to the funeral. I don't feel the need to go and say goodbye, I did that when we saw her. I don't feel the need to go see all of the family that might be at her funeral because they didn't see her when she was sick, and that makes me angry. My cousins, and there are a lot of them, couldn't be bothered to go and see their grandmother when she was on her deathbed. Most of them live in the same town/city that she did and it was too much to ask for them to go and spend 20 minutes with her. Anyway...that's my rant about that. I feel better now.

I guess that is all that I need to say tonight. We are done driving for today (at 8:37) and we might get to watch a movie or something.


QueenMeadow said...

I'm sorry for your loss.

The pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Bobbisox said...

Lynda, I am sorry for your loss. I am glad you got to say your goodbyes and visit while your grandmother was alive. I did that with my dad.
Interesting that 30 years after going through slOhio in a long nose, that the speed limits are the same. I used to knit on the road too; somedays I miss that, but I missed cooking and being comfortable more.